International Wizards Union


The International Wizards Union (also known as The Wizards Union or The Union of Magic) is a consortium of arcane spell casters that attempts to bring a sense of order to the numerous magic casters of the realm. In order for a school to legally practice magic it must have a headmaster that is vetted by The Wizard’s Union. All wizards legally practicing magic are licensed to the Wizard’s Union and must pay dues yearly to remain in good standing with the association.

Founded in response to the notorious “witch hunts” of the 200’s, the Wizard’s Union is one of the oldest organizations in all of Farline. The Union monitors magical activity in Farline and acts as a governing body of arcane casters. Wherever there is rampant magic in Farline or research to be done of the arcane variety, the Union is usually involved.


Anyone who can cast arcane magic is allowed into the union. The Union is made up of the most intelligent and most powerful arcane casters in Farline, at least those who aren’t insane or evil. All the schools of magic are represented at the Union with the exception of necromancy which the Union added to its list of Forbidden Arts in The Wizards Union Charter

Age groups vary and racially the Union has a large population of humans, elves and gnomes in it.


Many casters go through their lives with no knowledge of the existence of the Union. Those spellcasters that misuse their magic or use it rampantly are hunted down by the Union and given an ultimatum: to buy a license and become unionized, or be vaporized. Most spellcasters decide to join the Union for the benefits the Union provides as well as protection from anti-magic zealots.

Some of the Union’s members join young to study magic at one of the many universities the Union maintains throughout Farline. Though private magic casting schools are supported by the Union they must be vetted by the Union to legally teach magic. These young spellcasters are almost always destined to grow into geniuses in their field of study.


Archmage – Every Union tower in Farline has an Archmage in charge of it, or at least a stand-in Archmage. Archmages are the pinnacle of arcane power. These masters of magic are the leading minds in their field and when not overseeing Union business are usually researching new applications of arcane power and new spells. No Archmage holds higher rank over another Archmage. In terms of rank the Archmages are equal, and this tends to lead to many friendly and unfriendly rivalries between different towers.

Sage – A learned mage who acts as a teacher in a tower. Sages are usually masters of one school of magic that they specialize and teach in. They also head research projects and usually have a handful of mages as assistants. Also called professors in universities.

Mage – A full fledged member of the Union. Union towers are full of mages who study, do research, eat, sleep and work in the tower. Mage work can range from collecting components for complex spells, to enchantment of weapons or even monitoring magical entities in Farline. Some mages who aspire to become sages teach basic magic classes as part of being an assistant to a sage. Mages though don’t have to stay at the Union, and can leave to pursue their own interests in the outside world. Mage is the rank normally given to outside members of a tower as well.

Understudy – The lifeblood of the Union are students. Young casters who are brought into the towers to study and grow into full fledged casters. Student life in a magical university is full of danger and peril as well as days of boring study and annoying tasks. One day a student could be learning how to cast fireballs accurately while another day a student could be collecting giant spiderwebs for their professor’s new project.

Union towers

The Wizard’s Union has Union Towers throughout the various countries of Farline. These towers are usually governed by an Archmage with several mages and students under the Archmage’s care. When Archmage’s are not available for governance a pair of Sages in good standing with the Union can handle the responsibilities normally delegated to an Archmage. The duties of a tower include:

  • Maintenance of good relations between magic casters and local people.
  • Inspection of magic schools to insure students are taught only the best magic possible.
  • Defense of Wizard Union property.
  • Defense of licensed wizards operating in the country.
  • Overseeing of magical happenings with the country. This includes keeping a keen eye out for use of the Forbidden Arts and quelling of their practice within protected countries.
  • Sending reports about pressing matters to the Wizards Union at the discretion of the Archmage stationed within the tower.
Nations Without Union Towers

Most nations have at least one Union Tower within their territory, those that do not and the reasons why are listed below.

*Elitay – Due to the Church of Peros’s stark fear of the arcane no Union Tower exists within the countries confines. As a result it is possible that Forbidden Arts are practiced within the countries confines without the Union’s knowledge.

Licensing Benefits

Other then not being dead, Union licensing has many other benefits! Union members can enter Union towers and are given discounts on magic items purchased from unionized stores. At Union towers, members can find sanctuary and stabling. Most intelligent people avoid even thinking about trying to infiltrate a Union tower because of the heavy magical securities put in place. Union members who are also licensed as artificers or alchemists will always find business at unionized stores and are always given a fair price due to the Union’s unquenchable thirst for artifacts and magic. As a trade-off Union members must pay yearly to maintain their membership, the cost depending on their estimated level of power and any extra licenses they own (Such as a specialist license for artificing or alchemy or an Elitay license).


The Union remains neutral on most things. Indeed, mages and Union services are available to anyone who can pay the price for membership and many Archmages and Sages end up working for the governments of Farline but usually only for research though the Union doesn’t prohibit military service of their trained members.

There are times of great need though when even the Wizard’s Union will move. Such times include The Reopening and The Burning

International Wizards Union

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